A Greeting from the President of Kinjo College

Shinichi Kato, President of Kinjo College

Roam in Infinity and Study in Infinity

“Roam in infinity”. This is a phrase used by Zhuangzi, an ancient Chinese philosopher. It means roaming as you like without being concerned about others, and enjoying yourself so much that you forget about time. Such a sense of satisfaction will come to you when you are immersed in studying as well. At Kinjo College, we study hard according to our own interests in a variety of fields, such as business administration, art, and early childhood education. Kinjo College develops your full potential for studying through “education with homemade warmth” and supports your strong passion to study, based on the spirit of “let’s walk from Kinjo to the world”. Would you like to share time with us to roam in infinity and study in infinity?