A Greeting from the Chairman of Kinjo Gakuen

Shinichi Kato, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Educational Institution Kinjo Gakuen

Welcome to Kinjo University

The origin of Kinjo Gakuen is Kinjo-Yugakkan founded in 1904. More than 110 years have passed since then, and Kinjo Gakuen has established Kinjo University, Kinjo College, Yugakkan Senior High School, Kinjo Kindergarten, and Seinan Kindergarten attached to Kinjo University.

Kinjo Gakuen’s philosophies of foundation are expressed as “cultivating the spirit of Yugaku (studying away from home)” and “educating good wives and wise mothers.” Kinjo Gakuen has engaged in educational activities, based on the educational philosophy: “Education is an influence upon students that is born of the collision of teachers’ and students’ personalities, and a positive influence at that.”

Kinjo University established the faculty of nursing and the graduate school in April, 2015, and today, it has three faculties and a graduate school. In recent years, Kinjo University has been working in partnership with governments, economic organizations, hospitals in Ishikawa Prefecture, and universities in Japan and overseas.

The students at Kinjo University have been living active lives on and off campus. In addition, they are trying to deepen exchanges among different departments or faculties and participate in cooperation activities with local communities.

Would you like to develop yourselves at Kinjo University, pursuing careers in health and medical care, welfare, and education, among others? Our vigorous campus is waiting for you.