A Greeting from the President of Kinjo University

Shizuo Hanya, President of Kinjo University

One of the philosophies of establishment of our University is "to cultivate the spirit of yugaku (learning), that is, not being influenced by anything, seeing the world widely freely, enhancing personality." And the established philosophy is to train students to lead the welfare society of tomorrow. Looking at the etymology of the word “welfare,” "well" is good and "fare" is a trip. "Welfare" is a compound word meaning that a good trip, a good life, and a happy life can be lived. The Faculty of Social Work, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, and Graduate School of Integrated Rehabilitation Science are all academic fields related to health, medical care and welfare. In other words, our students are studying hard to make many people happy in the future, enriching the lives of many people. Recent advances in science and technology are remarkable, but from now on we are entering a new era of innovation concerning health, medical care and welfare. For this reason, even at our university focusing on welfare, we must first acquire new knowledge and skills. Since the world progresses day by day, there may come the day when today's common sense makes no sense tomorrow. However, we will keep in mind that such change is important, always remembering the attitude to keep asking for better things for the happiness of people in the world, and we also want to continue walking with the students.

University life, though it can sometimes feel long, is actually quite short. Upon graduating students are surprised at how quickly the time went. Students should be careful about their own health, cherish each other's time while gently using their newly acquired knowledge and skills for people, and share a rich life with many people. The future of Kinjo University is a future that you will open up. Why not spend your university life at Kinjo University? All the faculty and staff look forward to the day we can learn together.